World LNG & Gas Series Shortlisted for 2020 Conference Award

The industry acclaimed World LNG & Gas Series has been nominated in the Best Conference Series category at the upcoming Conference Awards. The award celebrates the most successful conference series from the perspective of all parties involved. The winning series will excel in all areas including innovation, expertise, and success from the quality of research all the way through to the delegate experience and financial success.

The series, recently acquired by dmg events from CWC, has been running for over 20 years and is currently made up of the following events:

  • 6th China LNG & Gas Summit & Exhibition
  • 4th Japan LNG & Gas Summit
  • 3rd Papua New Guinea Petroleum & Energy Summit
  • 12th World LNG & Gas Series: Asia Pacific Summit
  • 6th Mozambique Gas Summit
  • 21st World LNG Summit & Awards Evening

Having recently celebrated 50 years of operation, the LNG industry is still relatively young. However, 20 years ago CWC saw the market potential for this burgeoning industry that was transitioning from a niche energy project into a more widely available fuel of choice. Meanwhile, in the US, innovative technologies drove the shale gas revolution that not only optimised resource development the world over but meant that natural gas was more abundant and cheaper.

20 years on, and with climate action and emissions reduction a top priority for world governments, the need for a cleaner burning fuel than oil and coal in power generation, industrialisation and transportation, has led to significant LNG demand growth as natural gas becomes the partner of choice to renewables in the energy transition mix.

A clear contender for the award, the success of the series is down to the result of tireless efforts of the expert team who constantly innovate, push boundaries and challenge themselves to drive customer centric value in both buoyant and down-market conditions.

The series runs an array of innovative marketing strategies including partnerships with leading industry experts sharing insights and articles on topics relevant to the events and the industry, media partnerships which help drive success through third parties and also, essential social media campaigns. As a result, 2019 saw an increase in enquiries by 10%.

The challenges to ensuring finesse across a series are manifold. Whether in emerging markets such as Papua New Guinea and Mozambique, developing markets such as China and Nigeria, or established markets such as Europe and USA. However, the cohesion, passion and dedication across the World LNG & Gas Series functional departments and events team have guaranteed uniform excellence in the programmes produced, the campaigns promoted, the sales conversations had, the operational execution, and the value delivered onsite.

The Conference Awards are due to take place on the 18th November 2020. We look forward to some much-needed celebrations and hope you, the wider industry, will be cheering us on.

View the full shortlist here


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