Maintaining Productivity and Wellbeing During the COVID19 Era

Office workers around the world are waking up to the reality that their usual routines are on hold, for the time being at least. With no commute, no office and no social element to our days – how can we stay focused, productive and efficient during our working days?

In fact, working from home brings with it a whole host of opportunities/prospects/skills that we can all learn from (more on this to come in a future post). As we move into our second week of working from home at CWC, here are a few techniques I’ve learnt to keep centred. Whilst everyone is different, it’s becoming apparent that having a flexible, but structured schedule, and a list of important tasks you need to complete each day is the key to maintaining that focus and making the best out of what could be seen as an uncertain and unprecedented time.

We’ll be posting specific tips from the CWC Team across our social media channels over the coming weeks (@CWCGas), but for now, here are 5 tips to ensure a happy work/life balance from home.


1. Keeping in Touch Via Phone / Video

Research shows having a personal connection (either by phone or video) can make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing and help to alleviate feelings of isolation. It’s all too easy to send email after email but whilst this is not only inefficient, a lot of your emails will likely be ignored. There are so many technologies out there including Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, Zoom etc…

2. Setting Boundaries

Try to set reasonable boundaries around your day. When working from home, it can be tempting to be ‘online’ at all times but this isn’t a healthy habit to get into. Set yourself a time to start your day and a time to end your day and try to stick to it. Which leads me onto the next point….

3. Making a Schedule

For me this one has been invaluable. Have 2 schedules – one which is generic and applies to every day e.g. timings for your day – wake up / lunch / project work / go for a walk/run etc. The other specifically for tomorrow whereby you slot in any particular commitments you’ve got for that day e.g. phonecalls or specific tasks you need to get completed that day. This allows you to complete everything that’s urgent for the day and not to get distracted, either by BBC News or the many emails / phonecalls you’re likely to be receiving.

4. Keeping Active

An obvious one but an important one! Add this into your schedule, as above, and make sure you stick to it. Even if it’s just getting out for a walk – try to get active for at least 20 minutes - it’ll do you and your brain the world of good.

5. Incorporating Some of Your Usual Routine Into the Day

The mental association you make between work and office can make you more productive, and there's no reason that feeling should be lost when working from home. Set an alarm, make your usual coffee etc… maintain a little bit of routine in your day!


How are you finding the transition from office to home? Comment below with your top tips!


About the Author
Sophie has been a marketer within the Events Industry for 10 years
When she’s not implementing marketing campaigns, she enjoys running, coffee and escaping to sunnier climes


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