LNG Hub Weekly Round Up 4/5

Welcome to the LNG Hub Weekly Roundup. Here we provide you with exclusive content and dynamic insights from industry leaders around the world, including some of our favourite articles from the week, providing an insight into the current climate and major industry developments. Wishing you a lovely bank holiday weekend and hope you're all staying safe.

Global LNG trade increased further in 2019, reaching 354.73 MT, an increase of 40.93 MT since the end of 2018. This constitutes an increase of 13%.

If a contango market represents storage economics, what do we call a market with no storage left? European gas is headed in the same direction as oil.

Before COVID-19, there was growing evidence of price responsive LNG demand growth accelerating to reduce the oversupply, this will eventually return.

Iran claims it is on track for natural gas production of 1 billion cubic metres per day by March 2021 from the current 810 million cubic metres per day.

The Port Authority of Almeria has launched a feasibility study as it is looking to start supplying liquefied natural gas to ferries using the truck-to-ship bunkering method.

Crude oil markets respond quickly to world events, but natural gas markets have tended to be driven by regional factors and have been less connected to the international market.

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