LNG & Gas Hub Weekly Roundup 19/6

Welcome back to the Weekly Roundup. We hope you had a good week. It seems as though things are finally starting to move in both our personal lives and the industry, with lockdown restrictions easing. Here are some of our favourite articles from the week, providing an insight into the current climate and major industry developments.

In this week's LNG Wrap podcast we discuss whether COVID-19 will change the LNG industry forever, or if it's just a bumb in the road. Podcast host, Pat Roberts, seems positive that the industry can still have a bright future, providing it meets 4 key cornerstones: Cheap, clean, abundant and a consolidated business model.

Growth in carbon emissions in 2019 slowed from the sharp increase seen in the previous year, as primary energy consumption decelerated and renewables and natural gas displaced coal from the energy mix. Read BP's full statistical review of world energy. 

When polled at the World LNG Summit in 2019, 85% of attendees believed that there would be sufficient new LNG FIDs over the next 24 months to ensure a balanced market (2025+). David Ledesma revisited the panel this week via an online webinar and asked attendees the same question. This time round only 60% agreed. How things have changed between December and June!

The United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) assists Indonesia in the design of the gas infrastructure through financial aid to the PT Nusatarma Properta Panbil company, according to its director, Thomas R. Hardy.

Malaysian energy giant Petronas has already made two deliveries of liquefied natural gas to Yangoon in May and June as part of a master sale and purchase agreement between Petronas LNG unit and CNTIC VPower that was signed earlier this year.

For the first time vehicles from Europe will be transported from Europe to North and Central America on a car freighter powered by LNG. On Tuesday evening the Siem Confucius left Emden, Germany for Veracruz, Mexico. The vessel is carrying more than 4,800 Volkswagen vehicles.

As always, keep checking the LNG Hub throughout the week for new content from industry experts and if you’d like to be involved in future roundups, or any content on the LNG Hub, please get in touch with Tori by emailing toriwilson@dmgevents.com

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She led the marketing on the WLNG 20th anniversary campaign in Rome last year

She lives in South London with her boyfriend and thoroughly enjoys a pub quiz – albeit online currently!


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