LNG & Gas Hub Weekly Roundup 18/5

Welcome back to the Weekly Roundup. We hope you had a good week and are managing to stay safe and sane in the current climate. Here are some of our favourite articles from the week, providing an insight into the current climate and major industry developments. Wishing you a lovely bank holiday weekend and Eid Mubarak to those celebrating!

On Thursday 21 May we hosted the Webinar: LNG's Pricing Dilemmas with Pat Roberts and Andy Flower. The discussion focussed on issues surrounding LNG pricing in the current climate. Oil indexation for long-term pricing in both Asia and Europe was also a key focus, as well as the pros and cons for Henry Hub pricing and whether a move towards more modernised spot pricing is imminent.

In episode 3 of our new weekly podcast, The LNG Wrap, Pat shared 4 pieces of positive news she came across this week - showing a glimmer of home for the industry.

Called “When the World turns Upside Down” the May edition of TPLNG looks at Global LNG: what actually happened in Q1 2020 and some trends that are emerging for Q2 Q4 and the possible use of Force Majeure clauses in term contracts.

Finally, Fred Hutchinson shared with us the LNG Allies report on USLNG Exports in March 2020. USLNG volumes increased in March versus Feb. 2020 and nearly equalled the record set in Jan. 2020. Shipments to China resumed after 11 month hiatus. Europe remains top region followed closely by Asia.

As always, keep checking the LNG Hub throughout the week for new content from industry experts and if you’d like to be involved in future roundups, or any content on the LNG Hub, please get in touch with Tori by emailing toriwilson@dmgevents.com

About the Author

Tori has worked in the marketing team for 5 years across the gas & LNG portfolio

She led the marketing on the WLNG 20th anniversary campaign in Rome last year

She lives in South London with her boyfriend and thoroughly enjoys a pub quiz – albeit online currently!


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