Interview with Marcel Tijhuis, Senior Project Manager Business Development, Gasunie

We sat down with sponsoring and speaking company Gasunie to find out how their project is going in 2019, how they see the LNG industry moving forward, and what their message will be at the upcoming World LNG Summit. Read on for more...

  1.        What stage are you up to with your project?

We are currently in the process of discussing with a range of customers, to reach final and binding agreements. Various market players have booked substantial capacity at the terminal and the number of agreements give us sufficient comfort to achieve a positive investment decision.

Furthermore German LNG Terminal GmbH continues to work with the Authorities on the permit approval process, with the permit application package planned for formal submission within the next few weeks. During the coming months German LNG will also be finalizing an EPC tender package and will approach interested parties to participate in the process.

Final investment decision for the terminal is due at the end of 2019, allowing for detailed engineering and early procurement activities to commence immediately after. Main construction will follow upon receipt of the necessary permits. The terminal is planned to come into operation early 2023.

  1.        Why is LNG important to Germany and NW Europe in general?

Germany is Europe’s largest gas market and, moreover, is in the middle of a challenging energy transition. The country is changing its energy supply with nuclear and coal energy eventually phasing out as from 2022 onwards. In addition, the gas supply picture will also change with its own supply and supply from The Netherlands soon coming to a halt. At the same time, global LNG production is on the rise and LNG producers are looking for creditworthy customers, e.g. in Germany.

Our customers have clearly earmarked Germany to gain access to global LNG markets and to diversify its energy sources. Doing so it will also increase competitiveness in the market. The LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel together with our customers will support such development.

LNG will play an increasingly important role as a more sustainable fuel, especially for the maritime sector. Compared to oil-based fuels, LNG substantially reduces air pollutant emissions. The shipping industry needs to contribute to lower emissions and improve air quality, also in accordance with the IMO 2020 target.

As international developments clearly demonstrate: the future shipping fuel is LNG. Both in the cruise and in container shipping sectors, new ships are being built with LNG engines or existing ships are being retro-fitted. In Germany, the German Federal German Government is currently working on the second call of its dedicated LNG funding programme for sea-going vessels.

  1.        Where is your supply to the project coming from?

It is the decision of our customers which sources of LNG supply they select. Currently there is a variety of supply countries keen on bringing LNG to NW-Europe and Germany in particular.

  1.        Europe is making a big push on decarbonisation. Where does LNG fit in and what impact will it have on the industry going forward?

The energy sector is also transforming as coal, lignite and nuclear power generation are being phased out. Wind and solar will become replacement sources but natural gas will play an important role to facilitate this huge decarbonised driven transition.

LNG is an important step towards making shipping more sustainable. It plays an increasingly important role as an alternative fuel: big market players in the container and cruise sectors, such as Hapag Lloyd and Aida, turn to LNG. Using LNG considerably lowers air pollutant emissions but also goes some way in decarbonisation, especially when used in conjunction with other, technological measures aimed at energy efficiency. Renewable LNG, e.g. LNG based on the Power-to-X technology, will be carbon-free and therefore an important contribution to a climate-friendly energy and fuel supply.

  1.        The theme of the CWC 20th Annual World LNG Summit and Awards Evening in Rome in December is ‘Growth & Modernsiation’. As a sponsoring and speaking company at the Summit, what will be your message to the audience?

We believe in a growing market for LNG both as an energy source and as an alternative, sustainable fuel for the shipping and heavy duty road transport sectors. It is an important step towards creating and maintaining a sustainable energy supply and on way to creating a climate-friendly economy. LNG is a transmission energy source in the process to switch to a carbon-free economy. Considering the developments in the European energy markets, the role of LNG will further increase. That’s the reason why the market has responded so positively to German LNG Terminal and why we are investing in the LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel. We are well on our way to build Germany’s first LNG terminal.


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