International Women’s Day 2019

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, we reached out to some of our expert females from across the CWC World LNG & Gas Series to ask them how they got into the gas industry, what are some of the major changes they have seen in the industry over their career and what their advice is to future leaders in the industry.

Take a look at the inspiring chats we had with:

Kathleen Eisbrenner, Founder & Chairman, NextDecade Corporation

Momoyo Yuki, Deputy General Manager - New Business Promotion Office, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.

Sonja Nesshoever, Director LNG Portfolio, Nauticor

We couldn't put a piece like this together without blowing our own trumpet! So we also chatted to our very own Tanya Crossick, to hear about her experiences as a woman in the gas & LNG industry.

Tanya Crossick, Managing Director - Gas & LNG, CWC Group

We hope you find these words of wisdom as inspiring as we did. What would your advice be to future industry leaders?


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