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The CWC Group has an enviable reputation for delivering first to the industry, breaking news, shared insights and analysis through its globally renowned World LNG Series.

Being a senior executive in a dynamic industry means that you are unlikely to have time to visit many sources for all the information and opinion you need. Therefore, harnessing our long-held reputation for delivering quality insights, analysis and discussion on LNG news and trends, we have gathered some of the foremost thought-leaders to generate discussion and deliver relevant analysis to help you tackle your business challenges.

With contributions from key industry influencers, the LNG Hub is the only complimentary information source you’ll need to ensure you’re up to date with latest news and views.

We want to ensure that the LNG Hub delivers everything you need to tackle your business challenges, so we welcome your feedback. Do get in touch if you’d like to comment or provide feedback as to how we can keep evolving this forum for you:

E: info@lnghub.biz
P: +44 20 7978 0000

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